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Start your Data Science journey with us. 100% practical Data Science Courses in easy and engaging way.
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Do you want to learn data science courses or become a data scientist or you want to advance your career in data science but don’t know how to start?

Here at Daisy Tech, we bring you world-class data science courses and certification to help you understand data science at any stage of your career to become a professional data analyst – all you need to build a thriving career.

After my NYSC in August 2020, I enrolled for Data Analytics using Python with Daisy Tech Limited. This course was an eye opener to my today's goal. It made me to have a skill that was basics to understanding the big data world and today I'm proud to say that Daisy Tech Limited made me to understand my purpose and to have a career goal of becoming a Machine Learning Engineer that will be building intelligent systems and writing algorithms that will profer solutions to problems using Python. I am glad I took the course.

Nneoma Nnoram Computer Engineer, Neulogic Solutions Ltd

Have had two courses with Daisy Tech and both were amazing. One on "Data Analytics using Python" and the other "Data Analytics using Excel and Power Bi." The instructors were spot on and the lectures well planned. I had no knowledge of data analytics when instated but I must say, these trainings opened a whole new window for me. Prices are affordable and classes well structured.

Gabriel Akanyak Electrical Engineer, NNPC

This is not an Ad. However, if you wish to learn basic Data Analytics with Python, please find Chinelo Okafor on LinkedIn. I can assure you won't regret.

Theo Nnabugwu Regional Technical Manager at MTN Nigeria

This is me standing in “AWE” of your tremendous efforts put in by your Trainers ensuring that we all learn and assimilate easily even without having a prior understanding on DA…. Thank you!

Ogunleye Oluwatoyin

Best Hub for Tech skills and acquisition. Pro in Data Analytics and methods. A source you can rely on. Daisy Tech goes beyond your Expectations. 🥂

Joachim Duru Founder and Consultant at Clean Era Technologies Inc.

I did Data analytics using Excel and Power Bi with Daisy tech and it was amazing. The instructors were so wonderful. Thank you, guys, for the knowledge.

Chukwu Cyprian Data Entry Officer at 54gene
Data Science or Data Analysis

Data Science vs. Data Analytics: What’s the Difference?

Which field is right for you? If you are interested in using data to solve complex problems and develop new insights, then data science may be a good fit for you. If you are interested in using data to support business decision-making and communicate insights to stakeholders, then data analytics...

Power BI

Discover the Ultimate Guide to Learning Power Bl

BI stands for “Business Intelligence”. Business Intelligence uses tools to take raw data and turn it into smart plans and actions that can benefit a business on many different levels. Power Bl is one of these tools in which such can be achieved. Power BI can be used by people...

MS Excel Profficent

5 tips to become proficient in Microsoft Excel

Excel is one of the best applications available for creating spreadsheets, and dashboard reports as well as storing and administering data. There are so many things to discover while using Excel asides the basic functions. Whether you have no knowledge of Excel or you already have some experience with the...

African entrepreneur of start up company reading charts

5 Importance of Data Science

Data Science is very crucial in today’s world. It is high in demand and explains how digital data is transforming businesses and helping them make wiser decisions based on facts, statistical numbers, and trends. The value of data is on the rise as all industries or brands need Data Scientists....

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